Conditions of the Guarantee

Resin bound paving is guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation against:
• Loose stone*
• Cracking*
• Softening*
• Colour change*
• Frost damage*

Resin bound paving installation workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.

Conditions of the Guarantee
Permeable Paving Solutions Ltd along with our suppliers are dedicated to providing the highest possible service with the highest quality product. We are confident that, when installed in accordance with our quality standards, permeable resin bound paving will be a hard wearing, durable surface and will deliver exceptional performance for a range of uses from light pedestrian to vehicular access routes.
However, as you would expect there are some conditions:
Our Guarantee is conditional upon:
A suitable base (e.g. asphalt or concrete), or other approved substrate being provided i.e. firm, intact, clean, well-drained and strong enough for the intended use.
The Resin bound paving surface only being used for its specified application.
Our ‘Aftercare and Maintenance’ guidance being followed.
Regrettably our guarantee does not cover:
• Damage caused by forceful impact, excessive point loads (Inc. high heels), other mechanical damage and abnormal usage.
• Damage caused by sinkage, deformation, reflective cracking, tree roots, stress point cracking, frost heave or any other failure of the underlying layers.
• Damage or staining caused by chemicals, fuels, solvents or any other aggressive external agent.
• Damage due to repairs, or other work, carried out on the surface, on underlying layers or due to repairs or work carried out on an adjoining area.
• Drainage properties, and any variations caused by the ingress of fine material or any other causes.
• Shadow casts across the surface under low level lighting.
• Mineralogical variations (including rust spotting) in the stone which have an effect on its physical, mechanical, or aesthetic properties.
• Surface changes due to natural weathering or normal wear and tear.
• Consequential and indirect losses.
Resin bound gravel is designed for normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic and must be protected for non-standard use. You can easily maintain permeable paving with regular sweeping and occasional power washing to remove dirt, grime and moss.

Cleaning and maintenance guidelines are available to download.


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