Permatex 300.pdf

Permatex 300 Heavy duty non - woven, needle punched polypropylene geotextile

Permafilter Geotextile.pdf

Permfilter geotextile

The Permafilter oil treatment geotextile shall is a non-woven, dimpled, needle punched polymeric material that has been specifically designed for hydrocarbon pollution treatment in civil engineering applications (such as filtration, drainage and reinforcement). The dimpled geotextile comprises of a proprietary blend of polyester fibres that incorporate hydrophilic (water attracting / oil repellent) and hydrophobic (oil attracting / water repellent) properties to achieve oil retention and is capable of retaining oil contamination ranging from daily car drip losses up to catastrophic spillages, for example, originating from car oil-sump failures

Geomembrane Installation .pdf

Membrane Supply & Installation

Permeable Paving Solutions Ltd can offer options for membrane installations which we trust will satisfy your budgetary requirements. Permeable Paving Solutions Ltd can provide fully trained membrane welders to undertake the installation and welding of the membranes with assistance from the groundworker to help roll out and line up the membranes prior to welding and position the membrane panel into position. Or Permeable Paving Solutions Ltd can provide a fully trained installation team to undertake the installation and welding of the membranes. Installation teams would undertake the full installation. All seams and joints to be heat sealed and installed in accordance with ISO9001 CQA protocol. In support of our works we can provide method statements, risk assessments, technical support . Operatives are CSCS certified.

Permavoid 150.pdf

Permavoid Geo Cellular subbase

  • Plastic sub base replacement

  • Modular system

  • Creates an interlocking structural raft

  • High void ratio

  • Low levels of soil removal

  • Suited to areas of contaminated ground

  • Re-cycled polypropylene